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Researching the history of Bridget’s family has been her passion.  She began the research after a family reunion held in St Louis in 1999.  “I love finding the names of my ancestors and making connections.  “There is no bigger thrill than finding the name of a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin written in some archive.”  Bridget has researched back four generations on her mother’s mother’s side (Green / Pillars), she has discovered four generations on her mother’s father’s side. On her father’s side she has found more than ten generations on his mother’s side (Burton / Baskett) and five generations on his father’s side.( Ford/Colvin/Ross) . Bridget has met newly-found cousins through DNA testing with 23&Me and Ancestry.

Bridget also serves to update the technology aspects of the society by maintaining the website and the society’s Facebook page.