WHAT WE DO – Membership Benefits

SLAAHGS is the authority on African American History & Genealogy in the St. Louis Area.  We provide ongoing information to assist the beginning & experienced researchers looking to trace their past. Through member interaction you’ll learn:

Beginning Genealogy

If you are a beginning genealogist or need a refresher course, you will learn the basics of hunting for your ancestors.

Collateral and Cluster Searching

Learn why researching those in-laws, “shirt-tail cousins” and others who may not be a direct-line ancestor can help you break down your genealogy research brick walls.

DNA The Smart Way

Strategies for understanding use of historical records in conjunction with DNA to help break through the research barriers.

Friends come and go, but relatives tend to accumulate.  That’s Genealogy.

Join us and we’ll help you trace your past.

Let’s research and record the past together.