Janet Katzenberger

December 20, 2017 By

Janet Henley Katzenberger is Program Coordinator for the St. Louis African American History and Genealogy Society. She is a native of St. Louis where she enjoys being the  family historian and keeper of the family a documents and artifacts.

Janet is retired from her most recent role as a Middle School English teacher.  She has also held positions at Famous-Barr Company, Casual Corner women’s ready-to-wear, and Monsanto Company.

Janet holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Masters in Business Administration.

Janet’s interest in knowing about the ancestors came well into adulthood, particularly after the passing of her grandmother and mother, who have been lovingly referred to as “pack rats”.  Among the “stuff” they have kept were letters to friends and family members, articles of clothing, furniture, and wonderful photographs.  She is learning to organize and catalog these materials, and develop stories from them.  She is also researching family in Mississippi, Kentucky, and Tennessee.